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Do you think of yourself as a “non-techie” person?  Are you afraid of using technology to grow your business because you’re scared you’ll mess things up? 

In today’s episode Trudy walks you through what you can do if you’re worried about using technology (especially digital technology) in order to grow your business. 

Here are her 9 insightful tips on what you can do to overcome your “fear of tech” hurdle –  

  1. Sign up for a free software account if they have one and spend the time looking at the menu functions the software has 
  2. Find the help section and do some research, based on what you’re trying to do – Read through the responses and/or look for the “how-to-get-started” video 
  3. Take the time to imagine how the functionality you discover can help your business 
  4. Remember that purchasing a licence is an investment in your business 
  5. Your mindset is key – go in with the fact you just want to play around – then there are no expectations 
  6. Practice brings confidence – The more you use the tool the more skilled you become in getting it to do what you want
  7. Teach someone else – This will solidify what you have learnt.  By helping someone else, not only is it good for them, but you can later exchange notes and techniques
  8. Get comfortable with asking for help – there are different ways to get that help, phone/chat
  9. Go to Youtube and search for videos on what you’re trying to do – use key words 


That’s a good first start towards overcoming your tech fears.  If you’d like to go further than that, come join our community where we have a library of insightful information, tools and resources.  Please visit https://onlinebusinessliftoff.com  and click the “Join Our Community” button to get started.

The transcript for this episode can be found here.


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