Ep. 50: How To Start Your Own Business Even If You're Stuck Working On Someone Else's Dream With Nick Nallback

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Today Trudy is joined by Nick Nallback, founder of 9-5 to Freedom.  Nick has a day job AND he’s working on building a business of his own in the rest of the time he has available. 

By day Nick is a project manager who travels throughout the United States for his job.  Nick always thought about entrepreneurship and starting his own business was something that was out of reach, till he read the book Millionaire Fastlane by Millian Quinteros.  Nick realised anyone can become an entrepreneur.  It just takes a mindset shift. 

Nick uses his project management experience to help with systemising and building processes in his business.  And he uses those same skills to help people start podcasts. 

Nick’s business model for now is to share his journey into the world of entrepreneurship.  He originally started out by writing about his experiences in a blog, but didn’t take off like he thought it might. He then tried video content and would just freeze while talking to the camera. 

It wasn’t until he was listening to a podcast by Ed Mylett and heard the words “there is no right time to start” that he knew podcasting would be his thing. 

Trudy and Nick talk about – 

  1. What Nick is working on his business – Website/SEO 
  2. How and Why Nick started his podcast
  3. Nick’s biggest challenge to date – Imposter Syndrome 
  4. The role perfection and comparison play in Imposter Syndrome 
  5. Nick’s biggest mindset shift lesson – Focusing on one thing at a time, but making it good and better without spending extra time on it 
  6. Nick’s most important asset – Laptop and Adobe Suite (something he has played with since he was a kid)
  7. What Nick has learned from YouTube videos and how they can teach you anything
  8. A software Nick struggles with – Adobe Premiere 
  9. Nick’s mentors and how they’ve helped him build his business – Pat Flynn (who motivates Nick) & his dad (always had the entrepreneurial mindset) 
  10. Nick’s go to podcasts and books for motivation – Ed Millot podcast, Millionaire Fastlane by Millian Quinteros, The One Thing by Garry Kellow and The Common Path To Uncommon Success by John Lee Dumas
  11. One key advice by Nick – Keep moving forward and stay consistent and persistence 
  12. Nick’s one word for the year – Consistency 


The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Nick Nallbach 

Host of the Nine-Five Podcast, Co-Founder of Experent, LLC, and Owner of Nine-Five to Freedom.
Experienced Private Contractor with a demonstrated history of working in the e-learning industry. Skilled in Microsoft Word, Coaching, Communication, Web Design, and Project Coordination. Strong professional with a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused in Business, Management, Marketing, and Related Support Services from University of Wisconsin-Stout.




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