Ep. 52: Tips On How To Start And Build Your Business Using A Strength Based Approach With Katrina Streatfeild

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Today Katrina joins us to talk about our focus on weaknesses as small business owners and how that focus affects us. 

When people start up a business there is an expectation that we have to be good at everything.  So of course anxiety kicks in because of the fear of failure and other contributing factors, which can cause a downward spiral.  However, that downward spiral can be minimised or avoided if you take a strength based approach.  

Strengths are usually the things we find easy or enjoy and it doesn’t really feel like work. Psychologically our strengths come from a period of time in our life where we’ve developed strategies or skills that help us get through the tough times. People tend to look at these as survival strategies. 

Trudy and Katrina also talk about – 

  1. People tend to use their strengths without knowing they’re doing it – It’s a matter of recognising those strengths and it can be done by speaking to other people 
  2. Recognising your strength takes more effort and this can be done by stopping and reflecting especially in small business 
  3. The role personality plays with strengths when creating a small business 
  4.  Different assessments that can help determine your strengths and being able to rank them 
  5. The advantages of creating your small business based on strengths and how it can drive your business for success 
  6. When learning a new skill, it usually become easier…eventually
  7. How outsourcing tasks that you don’t enjoy or aren’t good at to someone who is can be key to your business success
  8. When making your first hire be thinking about how culture, personality, skills, strengths, work ethics, etc. all play a factor in getting the right someone 
  9. The key to avoiding failure in business is to be realistic – planning, learning how to make achievements realistic 
  10.  Katrina is learning about the switch between doing the job and going into leadership and the process which is a learning curve. 
  11. Katrina is constantly learning in business and it’s a journey – this includes feeling uncomfortable (being uncomfortable is a learning opportunity) 

Katrina has joined us previously on the podcast.  Check out Episode 42 where she talks about Imposter Syndrome  and Episode 48 where she dives into taming our self-limiting beliefs so we can meet our potential



The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Katrina Streatfield

Katrina helps individuals, families and communities move towards understanding and improving mental health and wellbeing. She brings over 25 years’ experience across the spectrum of assessment and intervention for impacts of stress, trauma and mental health disorders, family and parenting work and supervision of psychology trainees and registrars. Katrina has founded two regional psychology clinics and worked or consulted in NFP, corporate and government spaces.




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