Ep. 56: Time For a Sea Change, Online Businesses and Travelling During COVID With Colin Clapp.

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 






COLIN CLAPP is a heart centred entrepreneur.


His purpose in life is “Success & Significance through a philosophy of “Give. Take. Invest. Enjoy.” His mission is to make people think; question things and not accept the status quo.  He loves helping people who are location independent (read live and work from anywhere) or digital nomads find tools to help them manage work, travel and family life.

And he runs an SEO agency to help businesses get their message out there and heard.

But first and foremost, he's a proud and supportive Dad and partner.

Originally from the UK, he's the one who sways between the big picture and the fine detail and sometimes misses the happy medium in between!

The one who keeps getting back in the entrepreneurial ring despite being behind on points and taking a beating more often than not!

Colin loves snow sports, mountain biking and the BBC Sport website!

Trudy & Peter also talk about –

1. How both Colin and Trudy are members of the SPI Pro community.

2.How Colin and his family are constantly on the move from country to country and running their online business.

3.They talk about Colin's online search engine optimization business.

4.Colin talks about how important it is for your business to revisit existing content to ensure it remains effective.

5.Trudy and Colin also talk about repurposing content by using it in your Podcast's, YouTube channel and so on.

6.Colin talks about who has inspired him along the journey in his business endeavours ( Andrew Carnegie )

7.Trudy and Colin talk about how important it is to keep learning and have mentors so as to better develop one's skills.

8.They talk about Flops, which is a Podcast that SBI media have started where people come and talk about things that have gone wrong in business deals.

9.The importance of support from the platform – Are they responsive in live chats?

10.Colin talks about using a virtual assistant to help him with his business

The transcript for this episode can be found here.

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