Ep. 6: When Everything That Can Go Wrong, It Does with Eibhlin Fletcher

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 





Join Trudy as she talks with Ebhlin about growing up in Southern Ireland, her journey of coming to Australia, becoming a small business coach that helps women reconnect with who they are and the decisions that had to be made along the way. 

In this Podcast Ebhlin and Trudy discuss – 

  • Why Ebhlin chose to start her own business 
  • Background of growing up in South Ireland and the decisions faced as to where to move across the world, to call her second home 
  • The key role Passion plays in your business 
  • Challenges and self doubt in small business 
  • The three core factors – mindset, adventuring and quality sleep

    The transcript for this episode can be found here.

    Today's Guest


    Eibhlin Fletcher


    Eibhlin says “A universal truth became undeniable to me throughout the years I spent supporting business leaders, regardless of the reasons they’d come for coaching. Whatever the personal or professional challenges, over time, bit by bit, they had sacrificed what kept them motivated to grinding their way through their day, every day.”



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