Ep. 61: Why Using Best Practice Online Course Design Techniques Really Matters With Marla Martinez

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Marla Martinez,

In this episode, Trudy and Marla talk about online courses and Marla’s transformation in her life by utilizing her skills and past experiences to reinvent income streams and design a life that she wanted to live.


Marla is a course consultant and specializes in curriculum content design. She help’s course creators design and organize their content for an optimized learning experience for their students.


Trudy & Marla also talk about – 


1. Marla’s decision to up and move to Isla Mujeres, Mexico.

2. How business experienced difficulties when the Covid pandemic hit.

3. How Marla then made the decision to participate in online courses.

4. Marla found an audience that were people who wanted to create a course but didn’t know how to start.

5. They talk about course structures and what improvements can be made to engage participants.  

6. Marla talks about how she found her balance in life with her move to Mexico.

7. Her involvement in SPI Pro and mastermind groups. That came from her association with Pat Flynn.

8. The support she received from her mastermind community when her first course was released.

9. The importance of having someone with an outside perspective.

10. By continuing to try and talk to people and hear them and see when and what support they require.


The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Marla Martinez

My mission is to help course creators get unstuck and optimize their online course so that it attracts more learners who complete it with success and give you great reviews, referrals and return clients through quality curriculum design in six weeks so that you can make more sales and offer more impact for your clients.



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