Ep. 63: How To Create Consistent Content Quickly With Your Own Content Creation Engine With Trudy Rankin

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Trudy Rankin,

Have you ever struggled with creating content consistently? If the answer is YES then you need to listen to this podcast, as Trudy shares her vast experience and provides you with tips on how to create a content creation engine that will pump out content consistently.
Your Online Business Launchpad host, Trudy Rankin, is a wife, mum and grandma …. She's also the creator of West Island Digital, founder of Online Business Lift-off & Launchpad, a writer, serial entrepreneur, and online business start-up advisor, mentor and coach.
Trudy loves helping people find strengths they never knew existed and turn those strengths into businesses that help others.
In this episode, Trudy talks about the importance of creating consistent content.
Trudy also talks about –
1. The importance of having consistent content and the benefits that follow.
2. How content can be repurposed to save you time and money.
3. The different types of content creation one can use.
4. Important five steps to setting up your content creation engine
5. Various tools for creating content. 
6. The importance of reviewing your content over time
7. How one needs to listen to the audience and the questions asked by them.
8. On how to gain confidence in creating content.
9. And the importance of using keywords in your content.
10. Keeping an eye on the metrics of your content.


The transcript for this episode can be found here.


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Trudy Rankin

Trudy is a wife, mum and grandma …. she's also the creator of West Island Digital, founder of Online Business Lift-off, a writer, serial entrepreneur, and online business startup advisor, mentor and coach.



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