Ep. 65: Your Simple 4-Step Framework For Creating Memorable And Engaging Online Training With Dr. Barbi Honeycutt

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Dr Barbi Honeycutt,


In this episode, Trudy and Dr Barbi talk about how she facilitated professional development for thousands of educators around the world.

Doctor Barbie Honeycutt is the creator and host of the Lecture Breakers Podcast she has her own podcast, and she works with educators to increase student engagement and to improve learning. She's a speaker and author, entrepreneur, a wife, and Mum.


Trudy & Dr Barbi also talk about – 


1.How Dr Barbi helps create engaging, learning experiences for her audience, which right now is in the higher education sector.

2.About her start in professional development with colleges and universities.

3.How there was a need to put together a course package that was very organized but also very relevant so that students are motivated and engaged and inspired to succeed.

4.How she found the need to hire a coach to help her think through and create a framework for creating memorable and engaging online training.

5. The changes in audience and the need to understand and stay on top of their needs, especially as education has changed since 2020.

6.The importance of understanding the difference in marketing balance and marketing language.

7.We get to hear the word ( Dichotomy ) which I had never heard but now know the meaning.

8.Her lesson plan. PLAN is an acronym that goes through each of the four steps a simple way to think about how you're designing.

9.How there a lot of different ways in which  people learn.

10.And finally Dr Barbi informs us how she went about dealing with a toxic workplace.

The transcript for this episode can be found here.


Barbi Honeycutt.PhD










Today's Guests


Dr Barbi Honeycutt

For the past 20 years, Dr Barbi has facilitated thousands of professional development events for educators from around the world. Representing nearly every academic discipline and profession within the industry, education, government, and nonprofit settings.

 She works with professors, instructors, faculty development professionals, instructional designers, postdocs, and graduate students who want to learn how to teach and design engaging learning experiences.



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