Ep. 67: Top Tips On How To Start Marketing Your Art On Social Media With David Emmons

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David Emmons,

Today’s Online Business Launchpad podcast guest is David Emmons, and he's the founder of Artist Marketing Formula.  His company helps artists and other small specialty business owners utilise the power of the Internet and social media marketing to sell online and to set up a sustainable online future.


Three years ago, David made a shift and it changed his life. Up to that point, he was doing 30 shows a year. Now he only exhibits at 1 or 2 of his favorite shows.

This massive shift happened simply because of how he uses his Facebook business page and his online marketing skills he has developed. 


The techniques he uses grew the number of fans on his Facebook page from 757 to 96,000 in just three years and fan numbers are still increasing at a rapid pace. 


Now that he is free of the frustration of working so hard to make his business profitable, David has turned his focus towards helping others learn how to use online marketing to create this same freedom and success for themselves.

Trudy & David also talk about – 


1.His background in the art world.


2.How he spent many hours driving from market’s and fairs to sell his work.


3.How he came to the decision to move his sales online to cut back on travelling.


4.David then tells us how he found FaceBook as a valuable tool for marketing.


5.David talks about how he would know instinctively when he had a customer that would make a purchase. 


6.The importance of first impressions in marketing.


7.How algorithms are set to your advantage. 


8.The high value of using short video’s to promote your product.


9.David talks about how to overcome the intimidation of sitting in front of a camera.


10.How you are able to set up campaigns in the back end of platforms to see who your audience is and who to target.



The transcript for this episode can be found here.


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David Emmons

Veteran Artist – Online Marketing Expert

The world has forever changed. Selling your work online is no longer optional. I will teach you how to have sustainable, online success.



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