Ep. 69: How Using Online Marketing Tactics To Find More Local Clients Worked For Physiotherapist Chris Tiley

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 








Today’s Online Business Launchpad podcast guest is Chris Tiley, Physiotherapist and BloggerChris helps people … especially older people … get started doing strength training.


Chris lives in Birmingham in the United Kingdom. And he has been a qualified physiotherapist for about 13 years. He has worked with sports teams and now has his own Physiotherapy practice.


Trudy and Chris talk about – 


  1. How he became a Physiotherapist


  1. They talk about his journey of running his own “bricks and mortar” practice.


  1. Pat Flynn’s courses and in particular The Five-Day Build Your Own Brand Challenge


  1. What led Chris to start Blogging.


  1. How the Covid pandemic affected his Physiotherapy practice.


  1. His E-book course and his future plans of having available hardcopies released.


  1. He tells us a little about his wife and baby son and how they needed to move around due to his wife’s career as a paediatric doctor.


  1. We get to hear who his mentors are.


  1. Why he decided to start an online course in Physiotherapy.



The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Chris Tiley

Chris Tiley is a physiotherapist (physical therapist) from the UK. He has worked in various settings including hospitals, sports teams (including British Parasnowsport) and private clinics but has always known he would like to work for himself at some point.


In 2018, whilst still being employed he created his blog, Never Too Old to Lift.  This was done with the aim of creating an online presence that would eventually help potential patients find him when he set up his physiotherapy practice.


Chris now works for himself as a physiotherapist as well as continuing with Never Too Old to Lift.  The blog allows Chris to impact and inspire even more of the people that he loves to help in the clinic. Prospective patients can build trust in Chris before booking in with him. In addition to that Chris has discovered the potential to generate an income directly from the blog and is exploring this more, having written an eBook and currently creating an online course.



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