Ep. 7: Why Your Fear Of Failure Is Hurting Your Business with Nik Thakorlal - Part 1

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Join Trudy as she talks with Nik Thakorlal, Founder of LeadsHook, about his background and his journey to creating LeadsHook. The lessons learnt and the eye opening moments along the way.

In this Podcast Nik and Trudy discuss – 

  • The transition from marketing prior to the internet and marketing online
  • What he’s learned through experimenting with online options to see what worked and what didn’t in the beginning stages of the internet.
  • The fear of failure and fear of feedback and how he sees it through the different stages in developing LeadsHook.
  • The testing phase and the learnings from user feedback
  •  How LeadsHook is like an “onion” because it can be used in simple or sophisticated ways and offers infinite possibilities with how it can be used to find, segment and qualify leads.

LeadsHook is part of the Online Business Lift-Off Program  where you can start your online business today. We use LeadsHook all the time to develop online assessment tools and decision support systems and we are proud affiliates for it.  If you sign up to LeadsHook through our affiliate link, we’ll help you get started by giving you access to our “Getting Started With LeadsHook” tutorial.

The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guest


Nik Thakorlal


Nik Thakorlal has forgotten more about the right way to successfully market products and services than most people learn over a lifetime.  After studying with marketing greats in the pre-internet world, Nik has since taken everything he’s learned to create marketing software that solved a problem for him … and is now used by marketers and businesses of all sizes. LeadsHook is a market-agnostic solution that lets you create highly personalised decision trees.  Think “choose-your-own-adventure” style quizzes, decision support systems and online assessment tools.  All of which are a fast and effective way to provide instant value to your customers, collect data about the issues they face and learn more about your market. End result?  The ability to create data-driven marketing campaigns with almost unbelievable performance.




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