Ep. 82: How Expandi Can Help You Find Customers On LinkedIn Without Being Spammy With Stefan Smulders

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Have you ever tried to use LinkedIn to find customers?  And gotten lost in their search process when you did?  If so, you’re not alone.

In today’s podcast episode, Trudy Rankin, host of the Online Business Launchpad podcast talks with Stefan Smulders, co-founder of Expandi.

Expandi is software that helps you get data from what is happening on LinkedIn, then use that data to identify the clients you are looking for and reach out to them.

Sound good?  Well, like any tool, it can be mis-used.

So listen in while Stefan shares some of the hard lessons he learned (before he created Expandi) about how NOT to try to find clients on LinkedIn.  How NOT to come across as spammy and desperate.  And definitely how not to pop that often-times awkward question … “Do you want to buy my services?”.

The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Stefan Smulders

It was almost 14 months ago when we went global with Expandi.


If you were to tell me we’d reach the $1 million ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue) mark in our first 14 months as a business, I would’ve taken it right then and there.


Sitting here and writing this, I realize how lucky we are to not only reach $1 million but to surpass it four times. 📈

It’s official: our hard work and dedication have paid off in a major way and we got to $4M ARR in our first 14 months of business!

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