Ep. 83: How Content Marketing Can Help Build A Brand Identity For Your Online Business With Mindy Marzec

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What do you do when the thing you’re doing just because you love doing it … suddenly takes off and turns into something that is making you money?

In today’s episode, I talk to social media educator, Mindy Marzec, whose love for all things Disney turned into a money making business. 

Mindy shares how her passion project turned into a money making machine (which like all machines has to be tuned up and looked after).  

And she talks about:

  • Her content creation process and the role SEO plays here
  • How important it is to make sure your content fits with your brand
  • Repurposing all that great content and tips for getting it ready for social media
  • How she monetises her website and blog posts

So much good info here.  Have a listen and enjoy!

Trudy Rankin, is the host of the Online Business Launchpad Podcast, Director of West Island Digital and the founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program.

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The transcript for this episode can be found here.


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Mindy Marzec

One of my favorite aspects of running my website is encouraging everyone to embrace what makes them happy and to live your best life. That’s what my motto “living my fairy tale” is all about!


Once upon a time, I was just a girl who wanted to share her Disneyland wedding with other Disney fans. Now I’ve turned that passion for Disney into my job – my happily ever after!

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