Ep. 87: How Decision Trees and Quizzes Offer Unexpected Opportunities For Explosive Business Growth With Nik Thakorlal

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Today’s podcast guest is Nik Thakorlal, founder of quiz and data-generation software LeadsHook.  Nik knows more about marketing than just about anyone I’ve ever talked to, listened to or heard of.  And he has years of experience in what works and what doesn’t in both the online and offline marketing world.

Nik has some interesting and provocative things to say … things like why you shouldn’t make page speed the first thing you optimize in your lead generation funnel.  And why tyre kickers should be treated like gold, instead of annoying time wasters.

In fact, there is so much in this episode that I’ve included timestamps so that if you don’t have time to listen to the whole thing, you can jump to the part that interests you the most.

[00:02:45]  Using decision trees to give your SEO optimised content an edge

[00:04:01]  Creating interactive PDF’s that send people straight to the part of the PDF they need

[00:07:57]  Pay per lead as a potential business model for your business

[00:13:32]  A quick example of what the whole lead generation and selling process is like for an agency that sells high volumes of leads

[00:19:49]  How a smaller pay-per-lead agency can still find a way to compete

[00:21:52]  Why you should stop buying courses and focus on running experiments instead

[00:25:33]  Why page speed is not the first thing you should optimise in your lead gen funnels

[00:30:14]  Why you should be focusing on the front end of your funnel and not the back end and why it’s more important to get people to consume what they’ve already purchased, rather than sell them the next thing

[00:37:19  Nik identifies an underserved market and an opportunity to use quizzes to fill it

[00:41:15]  Why you should treasure tyre kickers instead of trying to get rid of them

[00:43:06  Why you should think about selling your leads when that lead doesn’t quite need what you have to offer

[00:45:44]  An example of a couple of uncommon quiz-based business models that might be an interesting addition or change for your own business model

[00:49:20]  Why data is the new oil and why you should plan on becoming your own mini-Facebook this year


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The transcript for this episode can be found here.


LeadsHook Website:  https://leadshook.com

LeadsHook Signup Bonuses:  https://onlinebusinessliftoff.com/best-quiz-maker-software/ 

The ‘Plan Your Signature Quiz' Masterclass:  https://onlinebusinessliftoff.com/

Today's Guests


Nik Thakorlal

Before he founded LeadsHook, Nik found himself with a business where lead-generation and sales were inconsistent.  When he couldn't find a software solution to help, he created LeadsHook.  LeadsHook is a fantastic tool which allows its users to learn about your market in real-time … so that you can present your customers with most appropriate message or offer.

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