Ep. 89: The 1 Best Way To Stop Your Customer Walking Out The Door, Never To Return With Maxine Shapiro

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You might wonder like I did, what improv could possibly have in common with business.  And not just business, but with the customer/employee experience.

As it turns out, quite a lot, actually.

In today’s episode, I speak with Maxine Shapiro, who has taken her incredibly eclectic career and turned it into a business that helps businesses save money on marketing.  


By teaching their employees how to keep customers happy.  Especially when everything is going pear-shaped in a bad way and the customer is at risk of walking out the door never to return.

We talk about some fairly important principles like:

  • How great customer experience starts with a great employee experience
  • When things go wrong, the best way of fixing it is to make mending it a collaboration between you and the customer   
  • The best customers come from making…and fixing…mistakes
  • It's really about being human

About The Speaker

Maxine is a vibrant speaker, training professional and coach whose acting and comedic background at the Second City Improv Lab merges seamlessly with 25 years in the business world/financial industry to provide a truly exceptional experience.

During her years hosting two financial radio shows and being a weekly financial commentator for NPR’s “Marketplace,” one of the most widely listened to business broadcasts in the country, she saw a need to update the way that companies communicate within the organization, to their clients, and with other businesses. 

She empowers people to discover and bring their passion to the workplace because when the individual can dream big and be their best self, the entire workplace is transformed, which has results far beyond the client’s imagination.


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The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guests


Maxine Shapiro

As a coach, Maxine uses her wisdom and wit to help you identify and remove the blocks that are preventing you from being the ideal version of yourself.  She asks the unexpected, unusual questions, that quickly uncovers your true dreams and aspirations. And then, you're off with a fearless plan for immediate implementation!
Maxine motivates, inspires, entertains, and  transforms all groups and individuals through highly interactive, powerful and fun exercises. Her unique Collaborcate!™ process demonstrate how to collaborate, communicate and create results far beyond expectations. Experience what hundreds of organizations, from The Feds to FOX, from Papyrus to Zappos, call “Phenomenal!” “Transformational!” “Energetic!” and “Contagious!”

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