Ep. 91: Why Listening To Podcasts Can Help You Grow Your Business With Trudy Rankin

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If you’re in the early or even slightly advanced stages of building up your business, you probably wish you could have a coach or mentor.  The trouble is, cash flow is almost always a problem at the stage and you probably feel like you just can’t afford to pay someone to mentor you or give you advice.

Well, you’re not alone.  

When the host of the Online Business Launchpad podcast, Trudy Rankin, first started her business, she knew she really, really needed a mentor or a coach.  The trouble was, just like you, she didn’t have the cash for one.  So she did the next best thing.  She started listening to podcasts by people who were either experts or more experienced online business leaders.

In today’s episode, Trudy shares with you the podcasts that have been most helpful to her in her business journey and why.  You may discover that some of them will help you as well, especially if money is still a bit tight.

In the episode, Trudy talks about the four phases of growing her business, the changing focus, in terms of skills needed, for each phase and how each of the podcasts she mentions has helped address those needs. 

Trudy Rankin is the host of the Online Business Launchpad Podcast, Director of West Island Digital and the founder of the Online Business Lift-Off program.


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Trudy Rankin

Trudy is a wife, mum and grandma …. she's also the creator of West Island Digital, founder of Online Business Lift-off, a writer, serial entrepreneur, and online business startup advisor, mentor and coach.

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