Ep. 93: How You Can Become Good At Sales Even If You're An Introvert With Alan Cheesley

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If the thought of having to sell something makes you want to hide or go take a bath…especially if you’re an introvert…this podcast episode will completely change the way you think about sales.

Alan Cheesley was not only the youngest of 4 brothers, he was the only introvert amongst them.  After leaving school at 15 with an undiagnosed learning challenge, travelling the world, playing rugby in Australia and lots of other adventures, Alan turned his hand to the printing industry.

And when he landed a job as a salesman in a friend’s printing company, he had to figure out, fast, how to make sales, something that, as an introvert, did not come naturally to him.

Listen in as Alan shares how he learned to use (and celebrate) his natural strengths to become one of the top salesmen in his printing industry.  And how he then figured out how to take his repeatable process and teach others how to succeed at selling as well.

There is a lot of wisdom in this episode, especially around celebrating difference, instead of fighting it.  Have a listen and then share it with a friend.  They will thank you for it.


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Alan Cheesley

After working in the USA, Alan bought a website development franchise in 2001. With his sales knowledge at the core, he wanted to help others make the most of every moment in the online world.

In 2002 Flow Online was formed and its mission is to help small business owners, creative people, and entrepreneurs succeed and grow.

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