Ep. 99: How Niching Down Helped Steph Gobraiel Take Her Business From Scrambling To Solid

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When I first met Steph Gobraiel, from Virtual Associate Services, I was looking for someone who could do a small project for me.  It was my first experience with a VA and I wasn’t sure what to expect.  Spoiler alert, it turned out great.  What I didn’t know at the time, though, was that I was Steph’s first client.  And over the ensuing months, I had the privilege of watching as Steph’s business took off.

I’ve talked with Steph on this podcast before (see Episode 29 – How to Reduce Overwhelm and Get More Done by Hiring your First Virtual Assistant).  And for today’s episode, I talk with Steph again about where her business is now, how she has found her niche and what she's discovered along the way.


We talked about:

  • There is a time and place for niching down and it's NOT at the start of your business – [00:06:20]


  • Who her ideal client is and why she choose them – [00:07:56]


  • What an OBM is – [00:11:12]


  • The difference between an office manager and an OBM – [00:12:52]


  • Steph’s light bulb moment when defining her niche and business focus – [00:16:30]


  • Key values and making time for family – [00:21:14]


  • The myth of the superwoman who can do everything – [00:26:30]


  • Plans for future growth and how to make that happen – [00:27:16]


  • Why business owners don't get the most out of their tech tools – [00:30:37]


  • A second lightbulb moment when the answer to the Superwoman problem became clear for Steph…and how it could become clear for you, too – [00:31:57]


  • Working out how to pay for outsourcing help – [00:33:15]



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Steph Gobraiel

Like a lot of female-led businesses, I started VAS because I loved my work, but not the hours away from home.

Over 15+ years in the corporate world, I’d worked alongside leaders in a range of industries – accounting, education, finance and retail. And I was a *darn* good Executive Assistant. I loved helping Directors and business owners to succeed – and I loved the rush of being the secret agent getting things done behind the scenes.

When I started a family, I knew it was time. I started Virtual Associate Services to help business owners who make a difference to others.

And I absolutely love it!

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