Ep. 5: Turn your passion into a viable business with Martina Kramer

Interviews, strategy and advice for building your online business with your host Trudy Rankin. 




Join me as I speak with Martina Kramer, Founder of Marketing Mix 4 You, about how she turned her passion for architecture and design into a viable business through the Online Business Lift-Off Program and what she learned that have helped her grow her business.

In this Podcast Martina and Trudy discuss –

  • Martina’s background in the fashion and cosmetics industry
  • Coming to Australia and the challenges that were faced
  • The different languages used when speaking to different stakeholders
  • Martina’s business & the crucial part of knowing who your audience is
  • The struggle for women entrepreneurs
  • How the Online Business Lift-Off Program helped start Martina’s business

The transcript for this episode can be found here.

Today's Guest


Martina Kramer


For over 20 years Martina has been helping companies with strong heritage brand recognition to drive growth across existing and new markets.  How?  By integrating skills across multiple industries to successfully re-position and re-launch their brands and businesses. Martina has worked internationally in multiple cultures and industries which has given her an edge when it comes to generating new ideas and insights that cut across industries.



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