Ep. 186: Turning User Feedback into Startup Wins with Circle Co-Founder Andrew Guttormsen

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At age 26, Andrew Guttormsen was living with his parents and took an unpaid internship to get his foot in the door at Teachable. His persistence and great ideas led to him becoming a core team member and he went on to eventually co-found Circle, a community platform now used by over 10,000 businesses.

With experience scaling two highly successful startups, Andrew shares valuable insights on implementing customer feedback as a growth strategy, why having tough conversations matters, and fostering online community engagement.

We Also Talked About:

  • Bouncing back after failure on the journey to success
  • Getting buy-in and implementing suggestions as a young intern
  • Details of a Chief Revenue Officer's responsibilities
  • How to shape the culture and interactions in an online community
  • The importance of giving direct feedback to help team members grow

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Today's Guests

Circle Co-Founder, Andrew Guttormsen​

Andy Guttormsen is the Co-Founder and CRO at Circle. He was on the founding team at Teachable ($250m exit), and went on to co-found Circle in 2020. Circle is now the world’s leading community platform for creators and businesses with customers like Adobe, Webflow, Brendon Burchard, Pat Flynn, Modern Fertility, Harvard Alumni, and 9,500+ others.

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Trudy Rankin

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 Circle Co-Founder Andrew Guttormsen

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