Ep. 188: How You Can Stand Out In A Crowded Niche With This Soul Food Blogger’s Winning Formula

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Are you in a crowded niche where it feels almost impossible to stand out?  And you’re looking for ways to build your customer base?

Shaunda Necole is an influencer and online business owner who has successfully built multiple blogs, podcasts and monetization streams around her passion for food and travel.

In just two years, she built her blog The Soul Food Pot into Google's #1 site for Southern soul food. 

Part of the secret to Shaunda’s success was niche-ing down – she took iconic African American recipes and reimagined them using modern kitchen appliances to make them faster and easier for amateur chefs.

But she did more than that … and so can you.

In this episode, Shaunda shares what she did to stand out in a super competitive niche.

 We Also Talked About:

  • How Shaunda grew her Instagram following by engaging with and helping other influencers in support groups
  • Monetizing on Instagram through brand partnerships and affiliate links
  • Why you have to niche down as specifically as possible – “you have to go small to get big”
  • How Pinterest operates as a visual search engine and using its keyword bubbles for content inspiration
  • Creating content based on search intent – what your audience is actually looking for
  • The importance of compelling visuals and text overlay on Pinterest pins
  • Using tools like Tailwind to schedule and automate pinning


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The Soul Food Pot Founder, Shaunda Necole​

Shaunda Necole is the go-to recipe creator for modern soul food cuisine. She's the founder of The Soul Food Pot, the #1 Southern soul food site on Google, the author of seven culinary guides, and the host of The Soul Food Pod, Apple's first show dedicated to the history and culture around iconic African American dishes. She believes in making life easier and more soulful, one recipe at a time!

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