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What a Quiz Can Do For YourBusiness — And What It Can’t


Up to 97% of people
who come to your
website usually leave without engaging.
Quizzes can lift opt-in
rates by more than 20%.


Quiz-takers themselves show you where they are
in the marketing cycle,
making it easy for you to discover who wants andneeds you.


No quiz can shine a bad product gold. But it can help you identify the problem in order to fix it.

In this resource, you’ll learn:

The benefits of quizzes and how to use them


Key questions you should ask to amplify the power of your quiz

How a workshop with a twist maximizes quiz (and business) value

3 Big Benefits of Quizzes

  • Attracts the right customers, driving value, curiosity and opt-in rates
  • Personalization helps quiz-takers self select into a category or segment, increasing authority, trust, and belief that you can help
  • Clue collection drives growth because quiz-takers leave clueswhich makes it possible for you to take evidence-based action

Trudy Rankin, Expert Quiz Creator

Hi, I’m Trudy Rankin. I’m the founder of WestIsland Digital, with 15+ years of experience in ITC and digital technologies, including seven years in CIO-type roles.

Let’s work together to grow your business to the size you want, so you can have the lifestyle you want.

Clients I've worked with

I learned so much from how Trudy approaches quiz design

Trudy and I collaborated on an Introduction to Community Management workshop in which Trudy designed a quiz to help attendees know what to focus on based on their responses.

It was an exceptional way to reinforce the workshop content and to embed learning in a memorable and unique way. I learned so much from how Trudy approaches quiz design and would absolutely recommend learning her approach.

Jillian Benbow

From my idea to a quiz, she helped me to develop the right questions and answers and results

I had an opportunity to work with Trudy to develop a quiz funnel for my business.

Trudy was thorough during the entire process. From my idea to a quiz, she helped me to develop the right questions and answers and results.

Setting up the quiz platform was another learning curve for me. But Trudy is a great coach and she did guide me through and make it go live with more ease.

Last but not least, the money engine- email marketing funnel! Based on the quiz, Trudy has taught me to segment my leads so that I can communicate with them more effectively.

Now I have a quiz funnel that I can use to grow my list and communicate with my target audience more effectively to get more sales.

If you’re planning to develop a quiz funnel then I would highly recommend Trudy for her expertise, ideas, personable and fun approach.

Ee Zen Cha


The Diagnostic Quiz

Before you create your quiz, consider:

What "aha!" moments do you want to enable for participants?

Help understand business or personal discoveries,
highlight unsuspected problems, and blow minds

What do you want the final results page to look like?

Text and image should feed off each other — map them out as much as possible

How can you best present the actual results?

Results can be in checklist or total score form; they may also incorporate personalized advice

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