Quiz Creators Course Plus

Tired of attracting people who are curious, but not serious, about working with you?  

You need a better way to sift out the tire kickers, BEFORE they waste your time.

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Have you ever felt like you're so busy weeding out the wrong customers, that you don't have enough time for the customers that are right for your business?

You’re an expert at what you do and you’ve successfully built your own business.

But now you’re so busy you can’t fit in any more clients.

And you’ve got no time to waste!

No time to waste talking to people who are just there to tire-kick.  Who aren't your ideal client anyway.

Especially since you've got no time for yourself to do the things you used to love doing.  No time to spend with your family and friends.

And you feel like you’re missing out on so much.

Sometimes it feels like all you’ve done is build a prison for yourself.  Just another job that stops you living your best life.

And you’re ready to get back time for yourself, so you can focus on what matters.

Like nurturing yourself.  Like spending time with family and friends.  Like spending time working ON your business instead of in it.

So you can slow down and just breathe.

Hi, I'm Trudy Rankin

When I first started my business, I wanted to have a big impact and help everyone. So everyone I talked to was someone I thought I could help. Did that work out? No, it did not.  I was all over the place.  I was exhausted and well on my way toward burning out. I felt like I was trapped in my own business. My husband kept telling me that I was way too busy.  To make things worse, my marketing messages were confusing, both for my potential clients AND for me. People would come to my website and go “hey, I’m interested in what  you do, but WHAT is it you do again?And they would leave without engaging, because they couldn't recognize themselves on that page, in that copy. Because what I did and how I helped people was not clear. And as a result of the confusion, I was getting very few sales. It nearly broke my business…and me.

It wasn’t until I started using quizzes and ASKING people what they were struggling with, that I was able to start  thinking logically about whether I could ACTUALLY help them in any meaningful way. Which meant I could attract the right people and filter out the ones that weren't the best fit for my business. And it made all the difference in the world. I was able to narrow down the list of people I wanted to help and how I would do that. I was able to make it very clear on my website whether people were in the right place. I was able to change the way I wrote my email copy, my marketing copy and my blog posts so that it used language that resonated with people. And they felt like I understood where they were coming from and what they needed. More importantly, it helped them believe that I had the answers they needed. All of which meant I could spend more time on the things that mattered to me. Like having more time for myself, spending time with my husband exploring new places in our campervan, and visiting our children and their families. 

As an expert or professional using a 1-to-1 coaching model to help your clients, you know that there is a limit to how many clients you can take on at any one time. Time is a finite asset.  And there are only so many hours in a day.  Once you've reached capacity, you can easily get stuck, because you've maxed out the number of people you can help and the amount of revenue you can bring in. And you have very little available to think about how you can move past this capacity cap. We help you expand your business by growing the online side of your business.  So you can take on more clients WITHOUT taking more time out of your already busy day. Our unique blend of on-demand training and live co-working sessions, plus our OBL community means you'll have exactly what you need to support you as you grow, plus hold you accountable for doing the work.

So if that's your story, too…

The first step towards getting back time is figuring out what matters to you and setting priorities.

The next step is to figure out the how….

How DO you actually start saving yourself time?

You start with a quiz, just like I did.

Did you know that typically 97% or more of the people visiting your website arrive, scan and then leave again … without opting in?

What Could a Quiz Do for Your Business?

Attract people to your website

Be a highly effective lead magnet in its own right

Allow you to learn more about your customers and what their needs are

Provide high quality and highly targeted services and products that are designed to match their specific needs. No more one-size-fits-all.

Use the power of the quiz PLUS automation to deliver value to customers who like what you do, but they aren’t quite at the right place in their own journey to work with you just yet. It keeps them warm AND it helps them get ready for your help faster

All of which means that you’re spending less time AND helping more people. And as a consequence, bringing in more revenue. Which means you can afford to pay someone to take some of those pesky admin tasks off your hands and let you get on with what you’re great at.

So you can focus on your family, yourself and your business in a way that you couldn't before.

Quizzes opened the doors to so many Opportunities for me

And quizzes can do the same for you and your business.

They can give you CLARITY about who you are helping.

Which makes it SO MUCH EASIER to write ALL your copy … blogs, social media, landing pages, emails, you name it, it helps.

Which makes your copy more effective.

Which brings in more customers and ultimately more sales. And your “know, like and trust” factor increases

Which brings in more revenue

Which ultimately leads to more choice in how you spend your time.

The great thing about quizzes is that they are NOT one-size-fits-all.

Here's what Dan Bennet, Video For Entrepreneurs, has to say about the workshop and script-builder quiz I helped him develop as part of my Workshop With A Twist training (which includes building a quiz).

Dan did the teaching.  The participants filled in the quiz.  And the quiz turned their answers into a 1st-draft script for a video.

A Quiz Can Help Your Business as Well

How?  Well, a quiz:

Allows you to understand your customers better, so you can design more relevant products and services.

Makes it easier to set up automated responses and email nurture sequences, ones that are hyper-targeted to exactly what that person needs at that exact moment

Which means that eve if they’re not ready to buy from you right now, they’ll stick with you until they are ready.

Which helps set up your future pipeline of sales, something that matters when the world is going through interesting times like it is right now

And here’s the thing, getting a quiz done for you can cost a ton of money.

But you need results now, not later once your business bank account is overflowing with funds.

So I’ve put together a training with a twist, a course with a difference … one that is going to show you step by step how to create your quiz and bring it to life.

Because how many courses have you bought that you never finished?  Or you never implemented what you learned?

Well, in our Quiz Creators Course Plus, that plus factor includes weekly, hands-on, “Build Your Quiz” co-working sessions where you come and do the work while I look over your shoulder and answer any questions you might have about it.

So you will

    Be held accountable for doing the work

    Be able to get feedback on your quiz when it matters the most

    Have access to me right then and there if you get stuck on something

    Be able to publish your quiz live with a lot more confidence

    Gain momentum that will help you finish your quiz

    Be surrounded by supportive people who are also building their quiz

    If that sounds like an amazing, fun and enjoyable way to get a quiz that’s going to help you grow your business, then click on the button below to sign up for the Quiz Creators Course Plus.

    Yes, I Want To Create A Quiz For My Business

    You’ll be able to join our OBL Community, where you will get access to the training modules and sign up for your “Build Your Quiz” co-working sessions.

    Without a quiz, did you know that for every 100 people who come to your website, roughly 97 of them are going to walk away without opting in or becoming a customer?

    And most of your hard work to get traffic in the first place is going to be wasted

    And you’ll keep on struggling and feeling frustrated because things just aren’t working out the way you wanted them to.

    You might as well just set your wallet on fire.

    But if you DO create a quiz for your business, you are going to turn more of your website visitors into leads, sales and repeat customers. 

    Imagine how good it would be if you could get 20 or 30 or more people (out of every 100) to sign up to your email list or book a call with you.

    What if you had so many leads that your email list exploded?!

    And you completely booked out your discovery calls every month!  Or you increased the number of sales you make of your course or challenge or group coaching programs! 

    The potential is huge

    And all because a quiz can help you understand your customers better, to be able to show, based on the data, what they’re really looking for help with and what they need.

    Which means how you serve them will be so relevant, it will be a no-brainer for them to work with you.

    The quiz creators course plus helps you get your quiz done quick …



    Roll up your sleeves and work on your quiz during our weekly “Build Your Quiz” live co-working sessions


    Get feedback on your quiz on the spot.  No more guessing and wasting time about what's right and what's not.


    Access to our private community forum.  Great for discussions and getting business insights.  And asking questions.


    Opportunities to create connections with people in variety of industries … all in a way not possible over social media

    Learning Opportunities

    Free access to extra “how-to” trainings and big discounts on monthly expert-led workshops, masterclasses and extra coaching sessions when you need them


    Weekly co-working sessions led by fellow participants where you can focus on getting stuff done … and enjoy a little social chit-chat as well

    If you join Quiz Creators Course Plus, you’ll be able to immediately access our trainings, as well as attend our weekly “Build Your Quiz” co-working sessions.  

    Within days (sometimes hours), you’ll get questions answered that will get you unstuck and back on track.


    Founder Online Business Lift-Off and the Quiz Creators Course Plus