Are you a coach, course creator, or community manager struggling to engage your audience and generate leads?

Quizzes are the ultimate tool for capturing attention and converting leads. Our course reveals the secrets to designing quizzes that not only engage but also convert.

Discover how our Quiz Creators Course can change up your approach and drive unprecedented growth.

Did you know…


typically 97% or more of the people visiting your website

arrive, scan and then leave again … without opting in!

How do you fix that problem?


By asking the right question, to the right person, at the right time.

It's that simple.

Quizzes can help you:

  • get more traffic to your website
  • warm up that cold traffic more quickly
  • convert more of those leads into sales
  • discover what to say in your website, email and marketing copy that draws potential customers to you
  • stay on top of the changing needs of your customers
  • personalise everything about how you attract, keep and grow your customers

“The Online Business Liftoff Quiz Creators course has been a game changer when it comes to revisiting how we communicate with people within and outside our communities. We're approaching our membership applications and customer feedback forms with a new-found level of intentionality and purpose. Trudy has been an excellent partner in guiding how we ask questions, interpret data, and better serve the people we want to connect with.”

David Masnato

Community Experience Manager, SPI


The Quiz Creators Course

The Quiz Creators Course is a comprehensive training program designed to help you leverage quizzes to boost your engagement, understand your customers better, and ultimately, increase your business revenue. This course provides you with a detailed step-by-step guide on creating effective quizzes, supported by hands-on weekly co-working sessions.

If you're driven to enhance engagement, reduce member churn, and deliver personalized experiences, this course is for you.

After taking this course, you will have learned the skills to create and implement compelling quizzes that can revolutionize your business.  You'll be able to attract more website visitors, convert leads into customers, and understand your customers on a deeper level. These insights will enable you to offer highly targeted services and products, fostering stronger relationships with your customers and drive more revenue.

Unlike other courses, the Quiz Creators Course is not only about imparting knowledge – it ensures you apply what you learn. The difference is our unique offering of weekly, hands-on “Build Your Quiz” co-working sessions. Here, you'll receive real-time feedback, direct access to expert help, and the opportunity to build alongside a community of like-minded professionals.

You might be wondering if this course can truly deliver on its promise or concerned about the time commitment. But remember, we're offering you a proven strategy for business growth and a hands-on approach to guide you every step of the way. Our focus on practical application and community support ensures that you don't just learn—you implement and grow.

The Quiz Creators Course includes a wealth of resources, including detailed course content, live co-working sessions, and a supportive community. Plus, you'll gain unique insights from industry professionals, templates for creating effective quizzes, and strategies to overcome common challenges. All these elements combined make the investment in this course a no-brainer for boosting your member engagement, having more impactful member interactions and increasing business growth.  All of which means customers will stay around longer. 

Enhance Engagement

Reduce Member Churn

Deliver Personalised Experiences

Business Growth

Attract More Website Visitors

Stronger Relationships

Real-Time Feedback

Co-Working Sessions

Supportive Community

You are in the right place if…


you want to attract the people who

are serious about working with you


Imagine This:

  • Building a quiz that triples your email list.
  • Creating engaging content that your audience loves.
  • Personalizing your offerings to meet specific customer needs.

Our course makes these scenarios possible. Check out what our satisfied clients have to say … ones who have transformed their businesses using our techniques.

Don't miss out on this opportunity. Enroll in the Quiz Creators Course Plus today and start seeing results immediately.

“Working with Trudy was a dream. I have always wanted to work with someone who could capture my answers and explanations and place them into a tangible framework. It was like watching a magic trick as I spoke my way through my process and shared my thoughts around video, only to watch them materialize in front of my eyes. Trudy found a way to solidify my ideas into a powerful workshop…. with a twist! I would hands down recommend Trudy to anyone thinking of working directly with her especially if you are the type of person who prefers a “no muss, no fuss” approach to collaboration and execution. The process was painless (unlike others I have experienced) and dare I say… fun! Feel free to reach out to me directly if you have any questions about what it was like to work with Trudy at [email protected]

Daniel Bennett

Founder, Video For Entrepreneurs

The beauty of quizzes is that they don't have to be a one-size-fits-all and can be tailored to individual needs.

For instance, I collaborated with Dan Bennett of “Video For Entrepreneurs” to create a workshop and a script-builder quiz as a component of my “Workshop With A Twist” training.

Dan did the teaching as the participants engaged with the quiz, transforming their responses into a preliminary video script draft. So participants could get started on creating their video recordings right away.  No more staring at blank screens.

Success Story call out image

“Having a quiz attracts a lot of new leads and also weeds out the people who are not at all ready for my help in writing a business book. That means I no longer spend time with people who aren't ready. Even for calls with ideal prospects who are ready, I save about 15 minutes, every time, because I know so much about them. Brilliant.”

Kath Walters

Business Book Writing Coach

“I had an opportunity to work with Trudy to develop a quiz funnel for my business. Trudy was thorough during the entire process. From my idea to a quiz she helped me to develop the right questions and answers and results. Setting up the quiz platform was another learning curve for me. But Trudy is a great coach and she did guide me through and make it go live with more ease. Last but not least, the money engine – email marketing funnel! Based on the quiz. Trudy has taught me to segment my leads so that I can communicate with them more effectively. Now I have a quiz funnel that I can use to grow my list and communicate with my target audience more effectively to get more sales. It you're planning to develop a quiz funnel then I would highly recommend Trudy for her expertise, ideas, personable and fun approach “

Ee Zen Cha

Founder, REAVA Solutions

The Quiz Creators Course

Straight out of the box, you'll receive…



Active Implementation

Engage in our weekly “Build Your Quiz” live sessions. Work hands-on and streamline the creation process, ensuring your quiz is competitive and results-driven.

Real-Time Feedback

No more second-guessing. Get immediate input on your quizzes. Dive deep into effective strategies that yield tangible results.

Exclusive Community Access

Dive into rich discussions, gain insights, and ask pressing questions in our private forum. Experience a learning environment distinct from the usual social media chaos.

Network Beyond Boundaries

Connect with diverse professionals beyond your industry in our private community forum, a unique opportunity that's hard to find on conventional social media platforms.

Continuous Learning

Unlock the “how-to” training library at no extra cost. Plus, enjoy substantial discounts on monthly expert-led workshops, masterclasses, and tailored coaching sessions.

Accountability with a twist

Attend weekly co-working sessions led by peers, fostering dedication and persistence. Focus on progress while sharing experiences and enjoying light-hearted conversation.

Your path to reducing churn rate by improving service, boosting online visibility,

and ensuring increased satisfaction starts here

“”I´m a complete newcomer to quiz and scorecard marketing so all the info was very valuable to me. Trudy Rankin is clearly an very knowledgeable expert on the topic at issue. I now hope to build out my quiz as a powerful lead magnet to get to know my audience much better and not rely so much on assumptions that may well be incorrect. I´m glad I signed up. Thank you so much!

Jason Willis-Lee,

Founder, Entrepreneurial Translator

woman's hands typing on laptop with notepad and pen to left side

Key Outcomes


Maximize Your Marketing ROI

Discover how to design quizzes that turn cold traffic into quality leads, optimizing your content and ad expenditure.

Efficient Customer Segmentation

Pinpoint your ideal customers without having to invest extra hours, with our strategic quiz blueprint.

Avoid Common Pitfalls

Side-step the most common quiz creation missteps and mistakes that can severely dent your conversion rates, retention rates and profits.

Elevate User Experience

Don't let potential customers exit without engaging. Learn the art of sustaining their interest, providing them with valuable experiences and ensuring you remain their preferred choice.


By the course's end, you'll be equipped with your very own effective quiz, ready to capture, nurture and keep leads. All set to amplify your brand’s reach and resonance!

How The Course + Coaching Package Unfolds


90-Minute Strategy Deep Dive

Together, we clarify your quiz objectives and craft a vision for its impact.

12 Weeks of Insightful Tutorials

Each week, a concise pre-recorded lesson unravels the secrets of effective quiz creation.

Weekly 1-to-1 Coaching

Your progress is our priority. Let’s fine-tune your quiz with feedback, making the adjustments you need swiftly.

Flexible Learning

Missed a week? Don’t sweat it. Our course molds to your pace. Access tutorials whenever you wish.

Community Support

Our Quiz Creators Community is here to assist, answer, and advise.

Woman smiling sitting near window

Be prepared to elevate your member experience, offer unbeatable value, and witness unparalleled growth in your community

With quizzes, you transform passive visitors into loyal, engaged members. Imagine a future where instead of slipping through your fingers, every visitor becomes a potential active participant in your community.  And every community member is one that stays and stays.

Trudy Rankin

Founder of Online Business Lift-Off and the Quiz Creators Course

Yes, I Want To Unlock the Power of Strategic Quizzing to Optimize Member Experience

Jump into the comprehensive training modules and immerse yourself in our hands-on “Build Your Quiz” co-working sessions. Design quizzes that really resonate, effectively attracting and broadening member interactions and simultaneously streamlining the feedback process.

Your first step? Determining what truly matters to your community.

Your next step? Discovering the “how.”

Join the Quiz Creators Course Today!


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Boost Your Member Engagement

with Quiz Creators Course +Plus

Unlock the Power of Quizzes for Deeper Membership Engagement

If you’ve ever felt the weight of wanting to give personalised experiences but being limited by team size, time, and resources, then you're in the right place. Imagine a course crafted for professionals like you, aiming to understand, engage, and elevate member experiences to new heights.


Attract more engaged users to your platform

Convert passive members into active participants, reducing member churn rates and bolstering community growth


Gain insightful data on your members' needs and desires

Streamline and optimise your offerings to suit your members needs best, ensuring higher satisfaction and loyalty


Craft personalised, targeted services

Use the feedback from quizzes to deliver what your members genuinely want, reducing overwhelm and increasing satisfaction


Your member's journey is enhanced at every stage

Harness the efficiency of quizzes to save time, manage your resources effectively, and ensure members feel valued and understood at every stage

Learning how to create quizzes is transformative.  And our training, co-working sessions and coaching will help you get that transformation much more quickly, than if you try to do it on your on.


You're held accountable to apply what you've learned

You’re consistently moving forward, driving your community's growth and reducing member churn


Get real-time feedback on your quizzes

Every quiz you design is competitive and achieves quantifiable results


Access expert assistance when obstacles arise

You're never stuck, ensuring the smooth implementation of your strategies


Launch your quiz with confidence and momentum

You’re always on top of your game, balancing member needs and business objectives effortlessly


Be part of a supportive, like-minded community

Our community can help you nurture your personal growth, foster collaboration, and amplify job satisfaction

Our Quiz Confidence Guarantee

At the Quiz Creators Course, we're not just teaching you; we're partnering with you on this journey. That's why we offer the Quiz Confidence Guarantee.

Dive deep into our course modules, engage in our strategy sessions, and start crafting your quizzes. Then, if within the first 30 days, you don’t feel more confident about transforming leads into loyal customers or believe that our approach isn't right for you, simply let us know. We'll refund your investment in full.

Why? We want you to feel secure in your decision to join us and confident in your ability to craft quizzes that genuinely connect and convert, and because your success is our success.

Remember, the most transformative courses are those that come with both knowledge and assurance.  We provide both.

Choose Quiz Creators Course and start your journey with confidence.

Trudy Rankin: Bridging the Gap between Curiosity and Conversion

About the Founder of Online Business Lift-Off and Quiz Creators Course +Plus

Trudy Rankin is speaking at the Online Business Liftoff Awards Ceremony for Knox Council participants

When Trudy Rankin started her entrepreneurial journey, she enthusiastically wanted to help everyone. And guess what!  Trying to help everyone meant that everyone was confused about what she did … including her.  Which meant that marketing messages were confused as well.  Not a good situation to be in.

It was only when Trudy began using quizzes to directly communicate with people and understand their needs that the tides began to shift. She realised how important it was to have clarity and specificity about who your ideal customer is.

Because when you have clarity, you can attract the right customers by specifically tailoring your messaging to resonate with them.  Which means you can get back more time in your day.  Time you can use to do fun things and spending more time with family. 

Trudy really gets the challenges of one-on-one coaching. She believes that while we can't get more time, there's no limit to how much a business can grow. Because of this, she started her Online Business Lift-Off program. This effective program helps beginners and professionals, both, grow their online side of the business. It offers lessons, live group sessions, and a community where everyone helps each other.

For Trudy, quizzes have been a game-changer. They've helped her communicate better, earn more, and understand her customers. She knows that making great quizzes can be expensive, so she used her extensive experience in quiz building to put together the Quiz Creators Course. Here, people learn how to make amazing quizzes, get feedback, and join a supportive community.

Fun fact: Trudy's approach to online business is so good that even the Australian government took notice! They worked together on a program to help older people and caregivers start online businesses. The program was such a hit that they ran out of spots!

With Trudy's know-how and experience, she's the go-to person for boosting an online business. Check out her Quiz Creators Course if you want your website … and your business … to be more than just ordinary—make it extraordinary!

Yes, Count Me In!

I am ready to turn insights into action and make quizzes my engagement game-changer!