Unlock High-Paying Clients with Quiz Funnel Copywriting


Master the art of quiz funnel copywriting to attract more clients and boost your freelance income.


As a freelance writer, you may be facing a shrinking pool of clients. You're not alone. Many freelance content writers and copywriters in this of age of AI are facing the challenge of finding clients that value well-written, engaging copy with a human touch.


However, marketers, digital agencies and businesses DO still need your services.  Just not necessarily for the blog posts, white papers, lead magnets and other types of content you might typically find on a website.

What they need help with is writing quiz funnel copy.  And surprisingly, there aren’t that many writers out there who know what’s involved with its creation or how to put the right words together.

Want to diversify your services and boost your income?


Quiz Funnel Copywriting

A self-paced course designed to expand your writing repertoire and help you tap into a lucrative niche that's in high demand yet surprisingly underserved.

Learn from renowned online business strategist and expert quiz creator, Trudy Rankin.  With years of experience and a track record of generating significant revenue growth, Trudy is uniquely qualified to guide you through mastering this lucrative niche.

Seamlessly integrate quiz funnel copywriting into your suite of services.

This course will arm you with the essential knowledge and skills needed to develop quiz funnel content that not only resonates with your audience but also delivers significant outcomes for your clients.

Diverse Business Applications

Discover how quizzes serve a wide array of businesses, far beyond what's commonly assumed. From e-commerce to service providers, learn why quizzes are the secret ingredient to deeper customer engagement and insight.

Solving Business Puzzles

Learn how a well-crafted quiz can address pressing business challenges, such as lead generation and customer segmentation. Explore the pivotal role of strategic copywriting in elevating the effectiveness and impact of your quizzes.

Expertise in Action

Step into the shoes of a quiz funnel copywriting specialist. Understand the nuances of creating compelling quiz content that not only captivates but also converts, paving the way for remarkable business growth.

Pricing Strategies and More

Gain insights into setting the right price for your quiz funnel copywriting services, balancing value and expertise. Learn about the additional elements that contribute to a successful quiz funnel project, from research to analytics.

Empowered and Equipped

Walk away with newfound confidence and a comprehensive understanding of quiz funnel copywriting. Be ready to craft quizzes that not only engage but also deliver tangible results for your clients.

Quiz funnel copywriting really is that different and can transform your business.  With the right approach, this niche can be the gateway to boosting your freelance writing career.

Under the guidance of an industry expert, 

gain insider knowledge and practical skills that are not available in any other course, giving you the opportunity to become an industry pioneer.

Are you ready to innovate your services and excel in the digital age?



A professional headshot of Trudy Rankin who is smiling. She has short brown hair, wears glasses, and is dressed in a red collar-less blazer over a black top, and wears a ladybird necklace.

Hi I'm Trudy, the founder of Online Business Lift-off, and expert quiz creator. I've built hundreds of quizzes for clients and projects and have honed my craft in this niche yet powerful domain.

My proudest achievement involves collaborating with a New Zealand marketer to craft a quiz and quiz funnel that significantly boosted his client's revenue by $1 million annually.

Through my journey, one truth has become undeniably clear: the essence of a successful quiz funnel lies in its copy.

It's my passion to share this insight with you, empowering freelance copywriters like yourself to excel in quiz funnel creation and elevate your clients' businesses to unprecedented success.

“The information was really clear.  My aha moment was how many benefits there can be for the client and I was also thinking in terms of benefits for my business, in terms of if I want to use a quiz on my website or something, thinking of how many ways that that can save time and lead customers and help the person that's intended to help.”


Content Writer

“This was not even anything I really considered before. I think I just looked at quizzes as something I did that took up a bit of my time and got me to where I wanted to go, but I didn't really think of it as a niche or an area to write in.

I'm really interested in learning more about writing the questions and about getting more into that as well, because I do think that would be incredibly interesting and very valuable to understand”.


Writer and Content Strategist

“What a fantastic session. It's brilliant for anyone (like me) who could offer quizzes as a service to clients (what a revenue opportunity for content creators!). Also, I'm going to highly recommend the session to my clients because they should all know that quizzes are brilliant for anyone looking for more leads or lower-risk product development. This session was a magic hour for me, both as a funnel maker for my clients and as the lead generator for my agency. Expect many quizzes from us in the very near future.”

Email Marketing and AI Copywriting Expert

“I've only written like for magazines, like doing their fun little quiz type things, so it's not even what you're close to what you're doing [with a business quiz]. And just hearing all of the way you can draw this data is fascinating to me. I feel like I need to go back and just study some of those funnel charts that you posted cause that felt mind blowing, just all of that information.”

Magazine Content Writer

Premium Tailoring and Client Growth

Enhance your service portfolio with premium, tailored quiz funnel copywriting, meeting the unique demands of solopreneurs and small businesses, allowing for higher pricing and new client acquisition.

Bespoke Solutions, Minimal Effort

Move away from generic offerings by personalising quizzes to fit the specific needs of your clients, providing unparalleled value with minimal additional effort.

Magnetic Content, Enhanced Visibility

Utilise your crafted quiz content as a potent lead magnet, drawing increased traffic to your website and amplifying your online presence.

Don't miss this opportunity to differentiate yourself in the crowded freelance writing market.   By signing up now, you are taking the first step towards becoming a quiz funnel copywriting expert and watching your business soar to new heights.




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