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You've made a great choice by wanting to learn how asking questions can help you grow your business.  We're excited for you and the potential you now have to achieve the success levels you want to achieve.

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Want To Learn How To Create Quizzes?

Knowing how to ask great questions in the form of quizzes and diagnostic tools is the starting point for accelerating your business's growth.  The next step after that is to actually create your quiz … one that will blow the socks off your potential customers and make them see how much they need your help.

And did you know … quizzes done right make it nearly impossible for competitors to copy what you do … even if they take your quiz!



The Quiz Creators Course

My Quiz Creators Course shows you step-by-step how to plan, build and optimise your quiz.  You'll be able to reuse what you've learned over and over again as you plug into the power that quizzes bring to your business growth

The Power of Quizzes to Increase the Impact of Workshops and Trainings

“Trudy and I collaborated on an Introduction to Community Management workshop in which Trudy designed a quiz to help attendees know what to focus on based on their responses. It was an exceptional way to reinforce the workshop content and to embed learning in a memorable and unique way. I learned so much from how Trudy approaches quiz design and would absolutely recommend learning her approach.”

Jillian Benbow

SPI Director of Community Experience, SPI Media

The Power of Quizzes to Save You Time

“Having a quiz attracts a lot of new leads and also weeds out the people who are not at all ready for my help in writing a business book. That means I no longer spend time with people who aren't ready. Even for calls with ideal prospects who are ready, I save about 15 minutes, every time, because I know so much about them. Brilliant.”

Kath Walters

Business Book Writing Coach,

Trudy Rankin

Hi, I'm Trudy Rankin.  And I know from helping many clients how much of an impact creating a quiz can have on your business.

Not only will you learn more about your customers, but you'll be able to use what they tell you to write better emails, better website pages, better ads, better everything.

And you'll be able to offer them the products and services that they've told you they want and need from you.

All while saving you and your team valuable time that used to be lost on tirekickers and people that weren't the right fit for what you offer.

I'd love to help you learn how to get maximum value from a quiz.  So check out my Quiz Creators Course and I'll see you on the inside.